Phenolic Panel CNC Cutting Machine

The phenolic panel CNC cutting machine is widely used in the cutting of various composite, phenolic panel, PIR insulation panel, PU insulation panel, glass wool panel, rock wool panel, thermal insulation and insulation materials in the HVAC ductwork system construction industry.

The phenolic panel CNC cutting machine is equipped with efficient cutting technology and features advanced software, fast cutting, and stable performance. Comparing with the traditional manual cutting process, the cutting efficiency is greatly improved. Save labor cost and material.

The operating system of the phenolic panel CNC cutting machine is simple, smooth and easy to use. The software comes with a database of various basic graphics, which can easily and accurately cut straight ducts, all kinds of elbows, tees, and sizes. Equipped with pen writing function can mark the parts of each product, making the assembly process simple and quick.

Phenolic Panel CNC Cutting Machine-1-750-500


Pre-Insulated Duct CNC Cutting Machine Specification-1150-2
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