PHILEXI(NEWEX) Air Conditioner Supplier

PHILEXI(NEWEX) - Air conditioner experts in China

PHILEXI (NEWEX INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD) is an international company with professional employees and mega reliable manufacturing base. We offering Mini split & Light Commercial, Rooftop, VRF, Fan Coil Units(FCU), Free Match, Chiller, Large Split air conditioner. Aiming to be a professional solution provider, we seek for the best benefit for your biz.

Working with PHILEXI (NEWEX), you will enjoy the most favorable experiences.

PHILEXI-Air Conditioning Air Conditioner-1- 750-500


PHILEXI Free Match Air Conditioner-1
PHILEXI Mini Split & Light Commercial Air Conditioner-2
PHILEXI VRF Air Conditioner-1
PHILEXI Rooftop & Large Split Air Conditioner-1
PHILEXI Chiller & Fan Coil Air Conditioner-1
PHILEXI Special Application Air Conditioner-1
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